What or where or whom do you come from and why do you care?

steadfast German agrarians


What dream do you remember most vividly and what message does it

A fever dream from my youth where a conveyor belt of boxes of noise
became larger and louder until I woke up sweating and terrorized.


Why don’t you listen to what the universe or your mind or your body
or your god whispers ever more closely to you?

I prefer to listen to someone else's music.


What does art do, really, what's the value of art?

it soothes, it questions, it screams, it informs, it repels, it calms.

sometimes in that exact order.


If you could, what gift that is impossible for you to give would you
offer and to whom? Why this gift, this person?

kiss of death. to myself. to use freely as I determine necessary.


Describe a person you love. How would you know them without their

My grandfather. He was a farmer, tall, hardworking, a nature lover,
sweet, gentle, and a
cautious driver whose recreational talents were top notch (fishing,
billiards, cards,
badminton, woodworking, mushroom hunting, bowling.) He had the most
manicured fingernails that impressed me every time I saw his hands. I
always wanted to run my fingers
over his nails. Now, my niece does that to my fingernails so perhaps I
inherited that trait?


In what way have you betrayed or disappointed yourself or others? In
what way have you been betrayed or disappointed?

Gossip is a bitch.



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