asking to take apart to play

Such participatory, relational and investigative literary and art works as Kate Schapira’s Town, C. D. Wright and Deborah Luster’s One Big Self, the work of Krzystof Wodiczko, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Bhanu Kapil got me thinking about including other voices in my own literary "voice." When founding director Lizzie Zucker Saltz told me in late 2010 about the upcoming “Taking Part” exhibit at the Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA) in Athens, GA, where I lived at the time, it got me acting. Taking my cue from Kapil’s The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers, from which I took the idea of a questionnaire, I wrote a set of questions. The first two questions were suggested to me by Michael Lease's and Brian Hitselberger's pieces in the forthcoming "Taking Part" show and the rest followed by association from those first two.

I emailed these questions to friends, colleagues and acquaintances; I placed a binder of them in the gallery space at ATHICA for people to fill out; I started this website to cull further responses; I waited and wait for answers. I hope you’ll offer me your own on the (questions) page of this site.

To all those who have and will entrust me with their responses, thank you for your generosity.

My plan is to use your answers in part or whole, as they come or as I adapt, collage, and transform them, and my writing in response to the questions and others' answers. My plan, as always, is to see what happens as the writing unfolds.



Michael Tod Edgerton is the author of Vitreous Hide (Lavender Ink). His poems and hybrid pieces have been published in such journals as Boston Review, Coconut, Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, EOAGH, New American Writing, and Word For/Word. Tod holds an MFA from Brown University and has contributed editorial work to Tarpaulin Sky and The Georgia Review. He flits about Twitter as @TodEdge. His general artist website is


If you're interested in having this project installed and/or performed in your space, reviewing print and/or sound work for publication, or have any message or feedback about the project, please contact Michael Tod Edgerton either by using the form below or sending an email directly to tod [at] whatmostvividly [dot] com. If you would like to contribute any of your own answers to the project, please use the form on the (questions) page. Thank you!


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