¤ "what most vividly (why don't you listen)" is now up at Coconut Magazine

¤ "what most vividly (do you doubt)" is now up at Marco Polo Arts Magazine

¤ "what most vividly (why don't you remember)" was published in the Bernadette Mayer Folio of Drunken Boat #14


Excerpt from "what most vividly (why don't you remember)":


(for Billy in Providence, who always asks after my dreams)


What dream do you remember most vividly and what message does it bear?
The dream of my home, lights in the house.

The dream of watching from a tree the lights in the house in my childhood.

The dream of living in a tree in a tree in the woods.

On and Off and Off and On and On and Off.

High up in the tree, I grew rough skin, fur.

A dream of alienation, a dream of the strangeness of being.
Dream of adaption, adoption; a dream of adaptation


What dream do you remember?

Walking around downtown, pregnant. People
coming up to me, smiling, people I know coming up, touching
the baby through my belly. The sun is warm.


What dream most vividly? 

I never remember my dreams.