What or where or whom do you come from and why do you care?

Chicago, Cuba, Peoria, Hillman City (Seattle), Cascadia, Espana,
Mohawk Nation, Spanish Celts, England, Scotland, Ireland. Each informs
the blood
each is a facet yearns to be polished.


What dream do you remember most vividly and what message does it

There is dead air. I have to get a record on and can't. Panic. One can
be one
w/o irritable reaching.


Why don’t you listen to what the universe or your mind or your body
or your god whispers ever more closely to you?

Tinittus. Impatience. Incomplete Latihans.


What does art do, really, what's the value of art?

Recalibrates the mechanism of perception.

If you could, what gift that is impossible for you to give would you
offer and to whom? Why this gift, this person?

Joy to Papa because he's felt like it is not his birthright to have
that experience.

Describe a person you love. How would you know them without their

By the feel of her hair by the touch of her belly
by the sound of her laugh by the cashews she left
in my bag by the smile of our daughter by the ecstasy
she's demonstrated by the madrones uncommon reach.


How did you know you were in love and what makes you unsure of it?

It was easy, natural, was a feeling. Cd not stand disappointing her.



What besides love do you doubt and what makes you doubt it?

My own capability. Smallmindedness.


In what way have you betrayed or disappointed yourself or others? In
what way have you been betrayed or disappointed?

Infidelity. Betrayal: Lack of integrity: stealing; lying, not living
up to one's word.


What are the parameters of your small world?

9' x 9'.


What darkness almost overwhelms you and what keeps it at bay?

Lust. Breath and reconnection to a manifestation of grace.


Why aren’t you more involved in trying to better the world of

I am doing all I can.


When do you feel most alive?

When I am engaged in the act of composition.
When my daughter smiles at me.
When I am deeply rooted in her.
The first plunge into the hot springs.
When Keith Jarrett plays The Koln Concert.
When Thelonious Monk plays the first bars of "Bright Mississippi."
When the Latihan begins.
In the silence after the poem ends.
The first sip of matcha.
When my Dad laughs.
When my Mom answers the phone with joy when I call.
When my eldest daughter asks me a sincere question.
First whiff of lavender.
First taste of Huarachito's fish taco.



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