From what or where or whom do you come and how has it mattered? Do you see it in yourself still?

from all the many places i've lived from all the ancestors i've never known


When do you feel most alive?

hours into hiking, especially in the mountains


From what have you managed to free yourself?

anger (mostly . . . ha!)


What dream do you remember most vividly and what message does it bear?

highschool dream ascent up a mountain through ancient native american burial

mounds . . . message? maybe that every step we take trods on the dead


What does art do, really; what's the value of art?

i like adorno's take (Emersonian, really, then Buddhist): no value, but an antidote to a world in which all value is commercially compromised


If you could, what gift that is impossible for you to give would you offer and to whom? Why this gift, this person?

the gift of life, to my long dead friends


Describe a person you love. How would you know them without their face?





How did you know you were in love and what makes you unsure of it?


& again



In what way have you betrayed or disappointed yourself or others? In what way have you been betrayed or disappointed?

inconsistency & sullenness


What are the parameters of your small world?

one breath at a time


Why aren’t you more involved in trying to better the world of others?

who do you think i am—sisyphus?



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