What or where or whom do you come from and why do you care?

Come? Come on, come come now; from whence do I hail? My momma refused
to give my daddy's
name; she gave me. Come as it may, she probably sold me.Some say she
got her comeuppance,
come what may, but I say lessaiz bon ton roulet–come on baby, let the
good times roll,
and it ain't where I come from that matters; it's where I'm going.


What dream do you remember most vividly and what message does it

Snakes writhing, moccasins, corals, those with tails in their
ribbonsnakes, the pigmy that bit E.O. Wilson on the tip of his index
finger–him saying:
"I now invite you to reconsider four of the elemental categories of
sex, altruism, and religion, on the basis of sociobiological theory.
Nightmare? Daydream?
I am Sappho; "I conversed with you in a dream" "Life is but a dream"?
N'est pas?


Why don’t you listen to what the universe or your mind or your body
or your god whispers ever more closely to you?

It is important, particularly  important, to point out Heidegger's
thought that "hearing" is crucially i
is crucially important and related to our belonging to be-ing. And I
have trouble with my
ears. Do you h[ear] me, god? Are you listening? Have you h[ear]d my
pleas? I f[ear] the
wrack of ruin, the press of y[ears], old age — sans everything. Speak
up, God! I'm hard
of h[ear]ing.



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